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Northeast Federation                       



The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage participation in square and round dancing as a recreational activity of the highest standard and to promote a spirit of friendship and unity among dancers. To promote and have active charge of festivals and/or like occasions. To encourage among square dance groups mutual cooperation and the exchange of ideas, dance techniques, instructors and leaders. To cooperate with and aid, whenever possible, existing organizations or leaders which have essentially the same objectives and purpose. Membership shall consist of all square and round dance clubs and callers of our area who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the Federation.


Federation Dance Schedule

Club Theme Level Caller Cuer Location
Sun, Dec 17 2017 6:00 PM
Harold's Squares Christmas Dance MS Dean Dederman Columbus, NE
Mon, Dec 18 2017 7:30 PM
Plus Circulators PLUS Dean Dederman Columbus, NE
Tue, Dec 19 2017 7:30 PM
Single Wheelers Christmas /Potato Bar MS Chuck Veldhuisen Norfolk, NE
Tue, Jan 02 2018 7:30 PM
Single Wheelers Soup Night MS Dean Dederman Norfolk, NE
Sun, Jan 07 2018 5:30 PM
Harold's Squares Soup Night MS Mary Channer Paul Columbus, NE
Mon, Jan 08 2018 7:30 PM
Plus Spinners PLUS Mary Channer Paul Norfolk, NE
Sat, Jan 13 2018 7:30 PM
49er's Salad Night MS Dean Dederman Norfolk, NE